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Conflict Resolution Systems for Organizations

Elenie can  design new systems for your organization to manage conflicts more effectively. 

Ombuds Services

Elenie can provide impartial, independent and off the record communication for team members facing challenging issues.  

Conflict Consulting

Elenie can provide consulting to transform particular conflict situations or to create more effective organizational responses. 

Conflict Coaching

Elenie can support your personal conflict resolution processes through a combination of inquiry, rehearsal, and goal setting. 





"Transforming conflict into opportunity "

Elenie is  a master mediator who has helped hundreds of people find a mutually agreeable solution to challenging problems. She has strong intercultural and interpersonal abilities 

and will provide a safe and effective process for all involved. 

Elenie has trained employees, managers, CEOS, administrators, teachers, government officials and students from kindergarten to graduate school.  She conducts an assessment to determine your training needs, then creates and delivers a customized program to achieve your goals. 


Elenie Opffer, Principal of Integrity Mediation,  is here to help you harness the productive potential of conflict for positive change. Through mediation, training, consulting or coaching, she can help empower you with collaborative conflict resolution processes.