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What happens when you  contact Integrity Mediation about mediation?

1. Integrity Mediation will provide an attentive          ear and help you discern if mediation is your      preferred option for managing a conflict. 

2. Integrity Mediation  will provide a free phone     intake with each party in the conflict. 

3. If you decide to engage in mediation, we will        schedule the meeting. 

4. We will meet in person with Elenie Opffer      

    mediating a constructive conversation to

    resolve the conflict. 


Mediation is a facilitated conversation between disputing parties by a neutral third party. The mediator structures the process and guides the conversation toward constructive outcomes. Mediators do not provide solutions. They outline and manage steps for the mediation, encourage and enforce cooperative conversation, reframe difficult issues for increased understanding, and help disputants discover and choose their own options for solutions.