My husband and I were trying to separate amicably. We had a friendly arrangement worked out for joint custody of the kids, but when it came to dividing the property, we got stuck. The cost of hiring most of the lawyers out there doing divorce mediation was prohibitive. I found Elenie offered affordable services and contacted her. She emailed me back the same day. She graciously offered free consultation by phone to see if we wanted to use her services. By the end of that chat, I knew I found the right mediator.

     It was just what we needed. We met with Elenie and she guided us through a conversation that led to the results we hoped for. We both left feeling much better than we did when we were stuck in a vicious cycle of argument. We could not have reached an agreement without her help. She is a great listener, has a lot of insight , and knows how to redirect the conversation to stay constructive. She led us through that process step-by-step till we signed an agreement. We also appreciated the papers she had on hand so we could fill them out on our own and not have to pay attorneys fees.

     Elenie's  services got results and were the least costly mediation services I found in Los Angeles. If you want a really excellent mediator with fair prices, Elenie is the one!

Wanda C. 

      It is a pleasure for me to recommend Elenie Opffer as a mediator. I have known her for 33 years. We worked together at Community Boards of San Francisco where I worked for nearly 25 years as a Program Director. 
       Elenie is a superb mediator. She consistently did such excellent work she was hired as a mediation trainer to share her knowledge with others. She was later promoted to trainer of trainers. Then once again she was promoted as a trainer in our National Training program.
       In addition to her excellent skills, Elenie is able to have everyone in her presence feel comfortable and safe. People instantly know she is there to support them both with utmost impartiality in forming sound and mutually acceptable resolutions.
     I have been a mediator for over thirty-five years and have trained and worked with hundreds of mediators. I know that Elenie is a stellar mediator, and having her as a mediator would be a privilege.
Chuck Regal,

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