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Mediation Training

Mediation Training creates mediation teams for your organization. You pick the individuals you'd like to serve as mediators. We train them to be in-house mediators that provide a safe space and process for individuals or teams to discuss and resolve conflicts. In-house mediation teams enhance your organizational conflict resolution capacities. They  also serve as promoters of your newly formed conflict resolution program as they spread the word and encourage their colleagues to try it out when they find stress and strain building in their ranks. The more conflicts that get solved in this consensual way, the fewer conflicts will get grieved or lead to costly legal processes. 

Conflict Management Training

Conflict Management training can enhance interpersonal conflict resolution skills for any member of your organization. This can enhance team performance as it builds trust and stronger decision making processes. Elenie Opffer has trained people in businesses, nonprofit organizations, schools,  and government agencies. She has worked with seasoned professionals, CEOs, and Tribal Kings as well as line workers, children, college students, and incarcerated youth. She has been dubbed "a powerful and empowering trainer" and she looks forward to building your team's conflict resolution capacity.  

What happens when you call Integrity Mediation for training? 

1. Integrity Mediation will provide an overview          of the training process options. 

2. We will hold a planning meeting to discuss         the option(s) you choose. 

3. We will conduct a needs assessment and    

    collect data to construct a customized

    training that addresses the specific conflicts

    of your organization. 

4. The training will be scheduled, conducted,

     and evaluated. 

5. A post-training meeting will be held to    

    discuss evaluation and options for continued

    support or follow-up.